There are 79 missing person reports active in Victoria  

  There are currently 79 missing person reports active in Victoria  

About Us

About Us


The Victoria Missing Report was founded for the most part due to the lack of a proper, organized and accomplished website based solely on reporting on missing people in the country of Australia. It was built in an attempt to get missing persons reports seen and shared across the state with the utmost of haste, even if that means that a proper police report has not been published. We don’t have time to wait for police when it comes to our missing loved ones.

We strive to get the word out about missing people with professionalism and haste. That is our number one priority, and we promise to deliver.

Jody Mitoma, the founder of this website, noticed that there were simply too many missing person cases that were being ignored by local police departments, so he took initiative and started his own websites across the country of Canada to do exactly that, and has since expanded into New Zealand and Australia. In searching Facebook for missing people across the globe, believe it or not, there are many that have not been reported on by local police, and this is simply unacceptable. So instead of sitting back and watching it happen, he did something about it.

This Missing Report and its growing communities were founded in October 2016, and have grown to be some of the most trusted missing persons websites in the world. We make sure to withstand the utmost professionalism, speed, research, and last but certainly not least; simply caring for our neighbours and their loved ones.

The more people that know about a missing person, the more eyes there are on the lookout on an hourly basis, and the more knowledge that is learned about these missing people.

We ask that you please share any and all reports of missing people in your area, and that you join us online by following us on Facebook and/or Twitter to receive notifications of newly missing persons across the beautiful province.


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